Monthly Archives: February 2015

The People Whisperers: A Lawyer’s New Best Friend?

It’s easy to assume that our view of the world is the right one or the only one. This is mostly unconscious and it can sometimes take us by surprise, or lead us into conflict, when we bump up against the reality that other people see situations, human behaviour, the world, differently from ourselves. That […]

Overnights for Young Children

For decades academic and social media has been replete with passionate debate about overnight care of very young children. Sadly too often concepts of Attachment Theory are poorly understood and frequently confused with notions of capacity to provide care for an infant or confused with the love between a child and a parent. I doubt […]

Separated Parents: Children Under Four and Overnight Stays

The idea that young children under four should not spend any nights away from their primary attachment figure usually the mother, is a hotly contested idea. English parenting guru Penelope Leach has quoted Australian researchers in her new book about separated families, but the researchers say they are unhappy with her interpretation of their research. […]

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