Monthly Archives: September 2015

Tricia Peters: Finalist for AFA Female Excellence in Advice Award

We are very excited to announce that our very own Tricia Peters has been named as one of the finalists for the AFA Female Excellence in Advice award. From a large pool of nominees Australia-wide, Tricia has been shortlisted to one of three finalists who will attend the AFA National Adviser Conference in Cairns late […]

Divorce Selfies: The benefits of a friendly divorce…

It’s the new craze sweeping social media around the world – divorce selfies… Yes, you read it correctly. Gone are the days of announcing your separation through dinner parties or the family Christmas update email. Simply grab your smart phone, turn on “selfie mode”, take a happy snap and upload it to Facebook. This modern […]

Father’s Day: What it’s like for the kids…

As the final post for our Father’s Day week, we’ve decided to take a look into how separation can affect your child growing up. We ask Alana, whose parents separated when she was a young teenager, how Father’s Day affected her. “For me, growing up with separated parents, Father’s Day was never really an issue. […]

Father’s Day: Celebrate the differences…

Throughout the week we’ve heard from the perspective of a family lawyer, a father and a mother when it comes to Father’s Day. Today we hear from psychologist and family consultant, Rosa Silvestro, on something that is really important for everyone to keep in mind. “A morning news program caught my interest this week as they […]

Father’s Day: The Mother’s Story

At first glance, Father’s Day is about a father and his children. However, in separated families this day can often have a great effect on the mother. Perhaps she is required to help shop for a gift, run the father’s day stall at school, get out the glitter and help make the card,  maybe it’s […]

Father’s Day: The Father’s Story

Not sure how to handle your first Father’s Day since the separation? Here’s Joe from Melbourne’s take on it after he overcame his first Father’s Day as a separated parent last year: “It was my first Father’s Day since the separation. I could feel it getting closer and closer and I just wasn’t sure how […]

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