Monthly Archives: October 2015

Sometimes the Family Court System ‘Just Really Sucks’

As published on the My Family Law website: As a family lawyer with quite a few years in the business, and none of the last six in a Court, it is increasingly difficult for me to see why I belong to such a small club.  The ‘Divorce Without Court’ club, that is. There are days […]

Mental Health Week: Managing your mental health during separation

We’re coming to the end of Mental Health Week, with World Mental Health Day upon us tomorrow (10th of the 10th). So the team at MELCA thought it would be beneficial to discuss how divorce can affect your mental health, and most importantly, how you approach your divorce can have a huge impact. Some of […]

Divorcing when kids are young brings special challenges to parents

By guest author Dr. Michelle Gollan There’s never an ideal time to end a marriage, but the devastating pain that is inevitable for the children does impact kids at varying ages in different ways. Ending relationships with the fathers or mothers of their children while the children are still in preschool brings its own unique […]

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