How We Work

Shared Goals

While everyone we work with has unique requirements and objectives, over the years we’ve learned that there are three goals that are most often shared. Our practice is built around these shared goals, and focuses on what really matters to separating couples and families.

We are all about teamwork…

If you have decided to separate, our mission at MELCA is to provide you with the support and resources necessary to help you reach a mutually-beneficial settlement and to move with confidence into the future. We do that by working with you using Mediation, Arbitration and Interdisciplinary Collaborative Practice, where we facilitate agreements about arrangements for your children and your financial settlement.

Care, Share, Fair

Your First Step is to contact MELCA for an initial information meeting at a fixed fee of $385. It is best if you and your spouse attend the information meeting together. This ensures you both get the same information at the same time.  If this is not possible we can arrange other options.

Your Second Step is to attend a Discovery Session.  We charge a modest shared fee for that session.  In your discovery session you will each meet with an independent lawyer, a neutral family consultant and a neutral financial planner.  We take the time to get to know you and what is important for your family.  We design a package of services to  help you come to agreement and that offers value for money.  You are not under any obligation by attending the discovery session.

Your Third Step is to begin working with your Collaborative Team in a series of private meetings and joint negotiation meetings. Or you may meet with a Mediator or an Arbitrator if  that is best for you.


Our case manager will arrange all meetings and be your point of contact at MELCA to ensure that your collaboration runs smoothly.

Collaborative Practice

Is centred on you, the client, and is an effective and amicable way of reaching settlement after separation.  You and your spouse will negotiate in joint meetings with the full support of your collaborative team.

It’s all about teamwork

We believe that the best way for you and your partner to achieve a satisfactory divorce settlement is through open and respectful negotiation. That’s why we give you access to skilled and compassionate practitioners who are trained to help you reach agreements with full information and support.  All the expert advice and guidance you and your partner may need is available to you in the one place.

Your team of experts may be made up of an independent lawyer, a psychologist acting as a communication coach, a child specialist, and a financial planner, all of whom are committed to finding solutions that are in the best interests of your whole family.

We are committed to assisting parents and children to make a successful transition to two households, and to have positive relationships with each other.
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MELCA is a one stop shop for separating families and couples.
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Fixed Pricing

When you choose to work with the team at MELCA, you know the cost upfront, not at the end.  Your lawyer’s fees are included in the fixed price, however your lawyer will invoice you directly for their services throughout the collaboration.

We’ve introduced fixed-pricing so there are no nasty surprises down track. That’s because we want you to feel comfortable about getting in touch with us whenever you have a question, rather than put it off because you’re worried about being billed by time.  Learn more about our fixed pricing.

Arbitration and Mediation

Sometimes when your differences are small, or resources are limited, Mediation is the best option. If you are looking for a legally binding decision without Court, we offer Arbitration. All of our services are at a fixed fee, so feel free to discuss your options with us privately, or at one of our Saturday morning or Tuesday evening free Divorce Options Seminars.