Our Prices/Fixed Pricing

Know the cost before you start

MELCA offers a fixed price for everything your family needs to survive separation. This is unique.  Your lawyer’s fees are included in the fixed price, however your lawyer will invoice you directly for their services throughout the collaboration.

MELCA offers a fixed price after a discovery meeting with an independent lawyer for each person, a family consultant and a financial planner. We take the time to get to know you and what is important to your family. We design a package of services to help you come to agreement and that offers value for money. There is no obligation until you decide on the package of services that is right for you.

Agreed Price Family Law and Collaborative Practice

It Saves Money…

Don’t rely on hope to contain your costs – that leads to nasty surprises. Our research shows that you will spend up to 60% less working with MELCA in a collaborative agreed price than elsewhere. And working at MELCA will cost a fraction of the price of litigation or written negotiations between lawyers that can go on forever, often achieving little.

The highly experienced team at MELCA has the knowledge and confidence to estimate the scope of work required to help families get to agreement, and the cost of doing that. We do not charge by the hour. All of the professionals who work in your case agree to fix their price.  In other processes you will be quoted an hourly rate but you won’t know how many hours will be spent to reach settlement. When you are charged by the hour you will pay for every phone call, email and letter and you will be shocked at the cost.

Once you board the run-away hourly rate train, you lose control of the cost. You might find that you are trapped on the train and can only sit and watch the costs build up, draining precious resources from your family.

‘It was like being a bystander, entering a tunnel with no idea of what was inside.’ Jane, 20 years after her divorce.

With a MELCA agreed price you choose the destination and the route. You know at the beginning the cost and the steps along the way.

Part of the MELCA commitment to separating families is to help them to manage the cost of separation, and to ensure that money is spent in a way that is transparent and of value to the emotional and financial well-being of you, the client. Our founding lawyer Marguerite Picard worked for years in litigation, and knows the wastefulness of that system. It is one of the reasons she now only practises in collaboration.

Spend money on things that will benefit you – like reducing conflict, improving communication, caring for your children, divorce financial planning, counselling support – not just the legal settlement.