How We Can Help Your Kids

At MELCA we work on the basis that all families, including their children, can do with some help in getting through a separation. We regard our child specialist psychologists as integral and vital members of our collaborative teams. They are here to keep your children in the centre and out of the middle.

A child specialist is likely to be able to help you and your children by:

Speaking with you as parents about how to talk to your children about the prospect of separation.

Helping you as parents to understand what reactions you might expect from your children, and how to reassure them.

Giving you tips about what reactions from your children are within the range of what you can expect, and when your children might need some extra support from you or a counsellor.

Seeing your children to give them a space to talk about what they are experiencing, and helping them to manage their responses, normalising their feelings and reassuring them about the future.

Based on meetings with the children, and while respecting their privacy, giving you some tips about what will help your children to thrive.

At MELCA, we recognise that your children are always your children, including through their adulthood. Separation has an impact on whole families, no matter the age of the children. Life can be even more complex when separating parents are grandparents, and our psychologists and counsellors (although not child psychologists) frequently work with extended and combined families to support everyone with the new dynamics that emerge when older parents separate.