Social Media Causes Divorce

This is The Daily Mirror, but even so it raises an issue that is now talked about a lot in Divorce and Separation.

We’re told in the linked article that ‘One in seven Brits have contemplated divorce because of their other halves’ activities on social media’ and ‘Almost a quarter of the 2,000 asked said they had at least one argument a week with their partner because of social media use, and 17% said they rowed every day because of it’. It is described by  a family lawyer as ‘the new marriage minefield’.

But is it?

In collaborative cases, we aim to resolve the issues underlying what is able to be openly identified as a relationship problem. It is our experience that there are deeper issues in the marriage when social media, or any other single issue, is the explanation or trigger for talk of separation. We think it is a betrayal of committed relationships to accept superficial explanations, when deeper exploration is most likely to allow couples to seek relationship counselling, or to separate with real agreements that work in the long term.

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