Success Stories

An optimistic future is everything…

Real comments from real people who have worked with MELCA

‘I didn’t think I would ever be able to forgive him. I blamed him for everything and I didn’t trust him. Thanks to the team I have been able to put the past into perspective. After our divorce we are now able to enjoy family time with our grandchildren.
~ Inge, retired, matriarch of a large family

‘I wish this had been available when I got divorced twenty years ago. I’m still traumatised by having been through the Court system’.
~ Pauline, mother of grown daughters

‘When I was thinking about separating, I saw a lawyer in the city to get some information. He would have caused a war and had us divorced in five minutes, which freaked me out a bit.  My psychologist suggested that I see one of the lawyers at MELCA. I’m so glad I did. Their approach was completely different, and instead of writing legal letters, the lawyer arranged for us to begin working with a child specialist and a couple’s counsellor. Two years later, and so far so good. MELCA saved our marriage.’
~ Hayden, father of three young children

‘You were such a wonderful team to deal with for the both of us. For me, I never once felt judged. I was terrified of exposing myself as stupid and (worse) pitied. The respect you have all shown me, I’ll never forget and I can’t thank you enough. What you do is so admirable. It takes genuine compassion and empathy to do what you all do so well. I hope you take pride in the difference you must make to so many families.’
~ Mandy, reluctant to separate

‘My lawyer at MELCA came across as knowledgeable, professional and uniquely experienced in dealing with high conflict personalities. Most of all she was compassionate, caring and very understanding of what I’m dealing with. My level of confidence in managing my complicated situation has increased greatly having met with her’.
~ Genevieve, working mum

‘I’m a typical Aussie male, and I thought I could handle this but I was so angry with my wife for spending so much money, and I wanted her to be punished. We would never have got this far without the team, and I love the way my lawyer listens to me and helps me take my message into the meetings, and it is all kept under control. I realize there are some things I just have to accept, and I am so grateful that we got to an agreement. I am amazed.’
~ Kevin, small business man and dog lover

‘The Financial Planner made all the difference in our case. It was her work that really turned it around. I got that it was not about what I was paying my ex-wife, but about what the kids cost. Without the Financial Planner I would never have seen the reality of my situation.’
~ Rob, successful business man and dedicated father of three

‘We had a collaborative divorce and it was a fantastic experience.’
~ Walter, in his birthday speech

‘My partner and I couldn’t sit in the same room. The communication coach helped me to recognise that ‘we were doing it again’.
~ Len, one half of a high conflict couple

‘I didn’t think I would ever have a relationship with my son, I hadn’t spoken to him for three years; the child specialist worked with us and things are going well at the moment’.
~ Ravi, father of two teenagers