Family is Family - Watch Film


Our documentary shines a light on the real experiences of the family court system and the multi-generational effect we are seeing after family separation.



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How to Tell Your Spouse You Are Separating Worksheet


Our free worksheets are designed with you in mind and help you face the difficult decisions you are having to make right now.

Breaking Up Without Breaking Down


The MELCA founders have pooled their years of knowledge working both in the court system and outside of it in order to create a resource to guide you through the process of divorce as well as moving on afterwards, letting go of the past, and creating healthy future relationships for you and your family.

Breaking Up Without The Earthquake


Separation is deeply emotional, and often causes feelings of hurt, jealousy, fear, anger, confusion, powerlessness, frustration, betrayal, loss, grief. Which profession looks after those issues? So why are the lawyers in charge?

The purpose of this report is to show you that there is a better approach to separation and divorce than you may be aware of, and to give you guidance so you can avoid the pitfalls that many people who have gone before you have experienced.