One of the strongest elements of a digitally connected globe, is that there is so much support, wisdom and guidance accessible for those who seek it during challenging times in life. Recently, our Co-Directors Marguerite Picard and Tricia Peters have been featured in episodes of the popular ABC Life Matters Podcast, ‘The Good Divorce’.

Host, Tamara Oudyn is an ABC News anchor and a recently divorced mother of two boys. She is on a mission to understand how to navigate the numerous challenges inherent in separation. Is there such a thing as a good divorce? Or is it just an urban myth? 

The episodes include advice from expert physicians, mediators and lawyers, as well as personal stories from those with lived experience. The aim is to uncover the secrets to untying the knot without destroying the relationship entirely and minimising pain and distress where possible. 

The first episode (ft. Marguerite) explores the effects of the pandemic and the strict lockdown on divorce rates and what it has meant for couples to separate during this time. 

“What I have seen in the past under times of economic pressure and recessions is that typically people will delay major life decisions, including separation and divorce, during this sort of a crisis and that’s because there is a lot of economic uncertainty” says Marguerite.

Overall the pandemic has put huge pressure on relationships, leading to a significant increase in domestic violence, financial abuse as well as emotional and psychologically coercive behaviours. Consequently, the number of people researching separation has increased substantially. 

Marguerite went on to say that there were “lots of delays but for people who have had to separate physically during this time, there’s probably been some significant crisis and…it has been difficult and painful for many families”. 

A more recent episode (also ft. Marguerite) delves into the implications of legal escalation and the benefits of keeping divorce away from the courts. 

The most amicable and respectful separations happen when couples have the “capacity to be reasonable, to be creative, to be co-operative, and then…sit down around a table and negotiate” Marguerite says. 

There’s a misconception that divorce has to be messy and hostile. That divorce equals failure. But why do we feed our children this harmful message? One in three marriages end in divorce, so why aren’t we sharing a more positive message about its nature. Let’s change the narrative.

The episodes are raw, funny, informative and empowering, and ultimately left us with a feeling of comfort and security that one can make difficult choices in life from a place of trust in themselves, strength to live out their choices independently, confidently with positivity and hope. 

Although at first “Good Divorce” seems to be an oxymoron, after listening to these episodes you will be given a sense of hope that divorce can be just that, good.