Recently MELCA co-founder Marguerite Picard appeared on the Making it Count Podcast with Julie Hyde. You can listen to the episode by clicking the cover artwork below…

Ep17: Marguerite Picard – Leading Collaborative Disruption
Making it Count Podcast

Marguerite is the co-founder of MELCA, a collaborative center for separating families that have just been awarded the 2019 Most Innovative Company at the Business Excellence Awards Australasia. She is an Accredited Specialist Family Lawyer with over three decades of experience in the industry and is also a disruptor!

Marguerite is on a mission to disrupt the law industry. Her goal is to reshape the practice of law into a consensus model and to tip the family law system upside down, so we start and finish with what most concerns the clients, not what the law thinks they should be interested in. The two things are rarely the same.

This is a great chat where you will get an insight into the courage and conviction of someone who truly believes in what she is doing and understand what Marguerite and her co-founders are doing is really common sense but not commonly practiced.

We chat about:

• What is driving force is for passion for change.
• The benefits of a collaborative approach when families are separating
• What most concerns people when they are looking to separate