The recent landmark decision by the Family Court overturns a long-held assumption that family wealth naturally belongs to men and that men’s work is worth more than women’s work, is a breakthrough in bringing equality and justice to wives when long marriages break down.

But Monday’s reporting of this landmark case by The Australian perpetuates the very beliefs that the Family Court had just debunked.  That is that only the husband is rich and that it is the husband’s money to share with his former wife and that because he went to work, he deserves more of the money.

The headline reads: ‘Court order for rich husbands to share wealth with ex wives’.

The article goes on to report ‘Rich husband’s who split from their wives cannot expect to retain the lion’s share of the matrimonial assets, says a recent judgement of the Family Court.’

It should have read: ‘Family Court orders rich couple to share wealth equally.’

‘When wealthy couples split, both people can expect to be treated equally.’

You might not think this is a headline but it is the real story.