Breaking Up Without Breaking Down

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There are many ways couples can end up in court or in adversarial negotiations, but there are just as many ways to avoid ending up there.

There is no clear roadmap through separation and divorce – until we go through it ourselves

Most of us rely on what we see in courtroom dramas. And unfortunately, what we see isn’t pretty, with shouting, threats and settlements that leave spouses unhappy, assets destroyed, and families broken.

Most of us don’t realise that divorce doesn’t have to be like it is on TV. You have choices; you can divorce with dignity, preserving your health, wealth and family in the process. You can come out of your divorce with a greater sense of wellbeing and financial certainty than you had before.

You can get through a break up without breaking down.

The MELCA founders have pooled their years of knowledge working both in the court system and outside of it in order to create a resource to guide you through the process of divorce as well as moving on afterwards, letting go of the past, and creating healthy future relationships for you and your family.

Whether you are just beginning to consider separating or are already in the midst of negotiating your divorce settlement, Breaking Up Without Breaking Down is full of valuable information to not only get you through to the other side of your divorce, but to help you thrive afterwards.