5 essentials for separation and divorce the MELCA way.

A Different Divorce

If you are like most people, you want a fair financial settlement, you want to know about legal rights, about child support, where your children will live, and that they are OK. And most likely you want to stay out of Court.

If you are separating or thinking about it, MELCA offers all the legal, emotional and financial planning support you need to make your decision or to make settlement agreements. Our aim is to make sure that your separation is as painless as possible. MELCA exists because the professionals who work here all knew that there had to be a better way than the Court system. We also knew the importance of adding psychology and financial expertise to the legal expertise that people need in Divorce.

We specialise in Collaborative Practice and Mediation, which will help you to reach agreements by negotiation – without going to court.

Collaborative Practice is your best opportunity to make sure that everybody does as well as possible in the separation.  You both have your own independent lawyer to advocate for you, to provide legal information, and to make sure that you get to say what is important to you. The financial planner is there to help understand what is possible for your property settlement and supporting your children. The psychologist is there as a communication coach and to help both of you to be able to negotiate and make decisions. Most couples choose to include a child specialist for advice on speaking to their kids about the separation, and  to know how to protect and help their kids to adapt to family life in two homes.

A MELCA collaborative divorce is a win for everyone in the family. If you go to court or negotiate with lawyers  ‘In the shadow of the Court’, you are both aiming to win everything you can, and the other side of that coin is losing. In Court your chances of winning are fifty percent.  We think your family can do much better than that.  We are certain that your children can do much better than that, and that collaboration keeps them in the centre and out of the middle.

A collaborative divorce settlement is written up in the same documents as in any other form of negotiation or Court process. Those documents will be written by your collaborative lawyers to record your agreements about property division, superannuation splitting , spousal maintenance and child support.

You may decide that Mediation is for you. Our mediators come from a  range of backgrounds including law, finance, psychology & counselling and child psychology. They are all highly experienced in working with separating couples.  Once you have reached agreements in mediation, or along the way, MELCA lawyers are available to give you independent advice and they are available to write your legal agreements at the conclusion.

At MELCA we know all about the way legal costs can get out of control, how unnecessary that is, and how it adds to the stress of separation. Our commitment is to make sure that costs do not come as a surprise when you work with us, and so we negotiate a Fixed Price with you at the start. We know from our client feedback that the value of a MELCA divorce is high and that our pricing reflects real value for money.

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