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Are you thinking about separating? Perhaps you're already separated? Or maybe you know someone who is going through a separation?

If you’re like most people who are separating, you want a fair financial settlement, you want to know about legal rights, and you want to ensure that your children are supported both financially and emotionally. And most likely, you want to stay out of court.

MELCA is unique. It is not a law firm, but a practice built on care and competence. We are experts in managing wealth, working with families as a whole, and ensuring that your privacy is kept at all times. We provide a complete personalised approach to separation...without court.

We will help you to discuss your finances, living arrangements for your children, living expenses and we will introduce you to an independent collaborative lawyer to get you to legal sign off on your agreements. stress That is what we specialise in doing, and doing so amicably. We understand that divorce is an emotional issue with legal and financial consequences - not the other way around.

A MELCA collaborative divorce is a win for everyone in the family. If you go to court or negotiate with lawyers ‘in the shadow of the court’, you are both aiming to win everything you can - but the flip-side is losing. We think your family can do much better than that. We know your children can do much better than that. The MELCA Method keeps them in the centre and out of the middle.

MELCA works with a panel of independent collaborative lawyers. Your lawyer will represent you and can cover all aspects of family law and separation, including pre-nuptial agreements, binding financial agreements, child support, child custody and superannuation and property division. Your settlement is written up in documents that have the same legal standing as agreements reached in any other negotiation or court process.

Have a look through the website, or phone one of our friendly office staff on (03) 9078 6980.

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Divorce without court

MELCA can help give you 'Divorce without
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better divorce choice.

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