5 essentials for separation and divorce the MELCA way.

Why we are different…

Most people are good people, but if they are badly advised they can make bad mistakes that seriously affect kids for life.

If you are thinking about separating, or you or your partner has made that decision, MELCA offers the support you and your children need. All options are open to you when you work with MELCA. You can safely ask for legal information, counselling or financial planning support without any expectation that separation is necessarily going to be the decision you make.

If you have decided to separate, we specialise in collaborative practice which will help you to reach agreements by negotiation – without going to court. What matters to you is what matters to us. We place great importance on our relationship with you. We know that working closely with you is the best way for you to tell us what matters so we can support you to voice your concerns and needs.

MELCA is made up of a group of independent, like-minded professionals who work with families as collaborative lawyers, psychologists and counsellors, financial planners and child specialists. Learn more about our Lawyers, Financial Planners and our psychologists, counsellors and child specialists.