What our clients say

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‘I knew we needed to separate but I had no idea how to do it.  I thought it meant getting a lawyer and fighting it out. It has worked out better than I could have hoped.  The key was the involvement of the collaborative divorce practice MELCA.  People think we are still friends; it’s functional and it works for the kids.’

– Christine, working mum

‘You were such a wonderful team to deal with for the both of us. For me, I never once felt judged. I was terrified of exposing myself as stupid and (worse) pitied. The respect you have all shown me, I’ll never forget and I can’t thank you enough. What you do is so admirable. It takes genuine compassion and empathy to do what you all do so well. I hope you take pride in the difference you must make to so many families.’

– Mandy, reluctant to separate

‘I’m a typical Aussie male, and I thought I could handle this but I was so angry with my wife for spending so much money, and I wanted her to be punished. We would never have gotten this far without the team, and I love the way my lawyer listens to me and helps me take my message into the meetings, and it is all kept under control. I realize there are some things I just have to accept, and I am so grateful that we got to an agreement. I am amazed.’

– Kevin, small business man and dog lover

‘We couldn’t have gotten through this without you. We still have some things to organise to put our agreement in place but, thanks to your help, we are confident we can do what we need to do. We are now able to put the past behind us and stop regretting past mistakes.’

– Penny, stay at home mum

‘I never thought I could work with her to reach settlement, things were so bad. But MELCA made it happen.’

– Stephen, builder

‘I was worried about what would happen to my businesses when I got divorced – that had held me back from leaving for a long time. My wife was never involved in the businesses, and MELCA helped her understood how it all worked. We were then able to work out a settlement that kept the businesses intact and we both had the assets and income we needed.’

– Patrick, architect and business owner

‘We approached MELCA to sort our separation. They suggested we speak to their Child Specialist to start, because we had different ideas about how and when to talk to the kids about our separation. We got a lot of useful information which was reassuring and made it easier for us to tell the kids that we were separating. This was a good place to start.’

– Gerard, business man and devoted dad

Dear Team

I think I am still in mixed emotions of shock, relief and excitement.

The relief to be able to achieve settlement (out of court) and negotiate something that both (husband) and I feel ok with is great.

You all have been AMAZING and WONDERFUL and I cannot express more my gratitude to the MELCA team for getting us through this. I have felt fully supported, and cared for during this process and everything I have experienced has absolutely cemented what a great thing MELCA is and the benefits of a collaborative process (even though my case was a little more challenging).

– Tania, full time employed mother of young children

Good morning

I’ve woken up reflecting about the last 6 months and I just wanted to thank you again for your assistance since we first met, even though I’m a difficult client to deal with, with my own thoughts of how things should be done, but your guiding hand and your worthy advice yesterday allowed us to be able to reach a settlement, it was greatly appreciated.

– David, self-employed father of older children

Don’t delay your decision any longer. We are here to help you and your family move forward. Take action, take control and experience the MELCA difference.