Dealing with conflict day in and day out isn’t good for anyone.

Prolonged, conflict-ridden divorces can cause psychological and physical health problems to everyone in a family.

Getting a divorce through the court system can take years. That’s years of stress and fighting that will be damaging to your wellbeing.

When you go to court to settle your divorce, you are only addressing the legal issues. The biggest issues in a separation are the emotional issues. Until those have been dealt with there is little hope of coming to agreements that feel like real agreements. After all, part of the reason your relationship is ending is because it wasn’t working for day to day issues, so how can you be expected to get through the emotional crisis of separation without support and guidance?

At MELCA, we approach separation & divorce as an emotional issue with legal and financial consequences. You’ll work with a family consultant to help you understand the emotional and psychological issues surrounding separation and teach you new tools to help you communicate better and avoid conflict.

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‘You all have been AMAZING and WONDERFUL and I cannot express more my gratitude to the MELCA team for getting us through this. I have felt fully supported, and cared for during this process and everything I have experienced has absolutely cemented what a great thing MELCA is and the benefits of a collaborative process (even though my case was a little more challenging).’

Tania, full time employed mother of young children
Reduce conflict

Reduce conflict

The legal system is set up to pit two sides against each other, as each fights to be the winner. This approach breeds conflict and is destructive to your wellbeing. Conflict is also destructive for your family. Even when parents try their best to hide fighting, their kids can still sense the conflict and feel the effects of that.

MELCA’s methods aims to reduce conflict between you and your spouse, both now for more productive negotiations and later so you can both still enjoy time with your family.

Tools for the future

During MELCA’s process, you and your partner will work with a family consultant to be able to listen to and understand what the other says, thinks and feels. This communication work helps to reduce conflict and makes negotiations more effective.

You will learn new ways of communicating so that your settlement negotiations are not derailed by old communication patterns. Being able to understand your partner’s perspective helps you both to understand your current problems so that you can start to let go of the past and move towards a better future.

Tools for the future
A transformative process

A transformative process

Our teams provide an environment for our clients and their children to feel so well supported that new attitudes and new positive behaviours can emerge. This can be transformative.

Transformation can happen for the individual, the parenting relationship and the family as a whole. Rather than your separation being a destructive force for you and your family, MELCA works to make your separation a transformative experience that sets you up for a more positive future.

MELCA’s process is unique, which is what makes us pioneers.
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For your convenience and privacy our consultations and meetings are held via Zoom. Please be assured that your separation is in the best hands during this time. You can book your session via the calendar below.