Do the Family Court Judges or the Law have all the answers in your Divorce?

If you are separating, you need to read this. If you’ve already finished your Divorce and settlement proceedings, you already know the answer. And the answer is “No”. There are lots of questions you might ask me about separation, and it may surprise you to hear that many of your questions have no answer, or […]

Changemakers in the Legal System: What does it take? 

There was a time when limbs were amputated without anaesthetic or antibiotics. The survival rate was about 20%, but what choice did a person have? Then, the changemakers came along. They thought about problems from new angles. Nobody actually knew much about bacteria in those days, but they figured out the connection with infection, and […]

The Meanest Divorce Lawyer

Find me a mean Divorce Lawyer, she said. That’s easy, there are lots of them in every town, I said. But can I ask why, I said? And then this poor broken-hearted woman, Tyler, told me why she needed a mean lawyer. Her husband had walked out on her and their two children, Lexie and Will, who were only two […]

Child Custody – Are you putting your children first? By Rosalind Sedacca, CCT

When facing divorce as a parent child-custody issues can become quite challenging and emotions regarding divorce-related issues can easily become charged. I recently came upon an article about proposed changes to child custody legislation pending in some states. An investigative committee was being formed to consider whether “shared parenting may be the best custodial situation […]

Divorced Parents: What to do when kids refuse visitation – by Rosalind Sedacca, CCT

At the Dads Divorce website someone asked a question about what to do when kids refuse visitation. I thought this topic had value for every parent dealing with custody issues. In response, an attorney at Cordell & Cordell said: “Most states have adopted parenting time guidelines to guide parents in resolving parenting time problems without […]

Summer Break Survivor

So you think courts specialise in finding the truth? Nothing could be further from the real role of the courts, which is to find a winner, not necessarily a truth teller. That is especially so in the family court system, when it is your relationship, and the ending of your relationship that is under scrutiny, […]

Do I visit Mum or Dad on Christmas Day? Or do I just stay away?

Christmas is either a celebration or not, it seems. One of the reasons it is not a celebration for many people is cultural irrelevance, but for others, it is often a time of bad memories, and gets the blame as the reason families fall out. We think it is safe to say that the seeds […]

Help! I think we need a psychologist in our collaborative divorce

Many moons ago, when Helen and Allen had just met, they took a trip through outback Australia. They had both been working too hard, for too long, without a break from their jobs in the money market. They were high flyers, they had cash to burn, and were both considerable risk takers in all things. […]

“Breaking Up Without Breaking Down”

Is your marriage or relationship ending, or has it ended? Are you feeling hurt and angry? If that is what you are going through, the idea of a Good Divorce or a Kind Divorce might sound impossible. Maybe you don’t feel good or kind yourself right now? Maybe you don’t trust your partner or spouse to be good or kind? You might […]

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