We are absolutely thrilled to announce that MELCA has reached an incredible milestone of 500 Collaborative Divorce Cases.

Our collaborative approach has ensured improved health and wellbeing of families involved in separation and divorce bringing a strong team of interdisciplinary professionals to each family to help get them through this period without involving the trauma of the Court system.

Founders, Marguerite Picard, Tricia Peters and Dr Tina Sinclair have forged the way internationally and are proud to have trained hundreds of professionals around the world in this process.

As winners and finalists of multiple awards, we are proud to see other practitioners following in this proven method.

“What makes our process different is that a family comes into our office and are immediately supported with a lawyer, financial advisor, psychologist, divorce coach and any other necessary professionals who form part of this team with the end vision being improved health, wealth and wellbeing” says Marguerite Picard, Collaborative Lawyer.

“We are so proud that we have changed the conversation about separation from being one about winning and losing to one about creating constructive futures for both people” says Marguerite.

“We have had our heads buried down hard this year in particular and it was only recently at our staff planning day that we realised we have just hit 500 cases” says Tricia Peters, Financial Planner.

“Knowing so many people have been helped and haven’t had to endure a bad process that so many others have makes me so proud of MELCA. Being true to our mission statement that we have helped families transition and by saving people from experiencing what they don’t even know could have been torturous conflict. They haven’t had damage as a family. We have done no harm” says Tricia.

Marguerite, Tricia and Tina

We are pleased to announce that we are officially opening more offices to increase our national presence and ensure that other peers around Australia will be able to work with us in this collaborative method.

Our new offices are in Brisbane, Sydney and in Blairgowrie on the Mornington Peninsula. We will be teaming up with even more professionals around the country to increase and expand this proven process. We invite you to be involved by contacting us.

We would like to thank everyone who has been involved in our unique interdisciplinary approach and those we have trained over the past decade. Thank you to everyone who has been a part of this journey.

All the best
Marguerite, Tricia and Tina