Resources for Mindfulness & Wellbeing


Calma meditation and calming app

The Mindfulness Appa mindfulness app

Headspace – a meditation and sleep app

Intelligent Change – a mindfulness app


The OneMind Podcast –

The Mindful Minute –

Tara Brach –

I Should Be Meditating –

Ten Percent Happier Podcast –

The Daily Meditation Podcast –


Mindful in May

Run by Elise Bialylew – doctor, mindfulness coach and founder of Mindful in May. Mindful in May is the world’s largest online global mindfulness fundraising campaign with two game-changing goals:

Teach participants how to find calm and clarity through just ten minutes of mindfulness meditation each day.

Raise funds to build clean water projects in the developing world.

Eleventh Element Kinesiology

Kinesiology sessions remotely via Skype. A 30-minute check-in and tune-up session for a customised essence of vibrational medicine.

Free postings of Meridian balances on FB live and tips to help ease the energies through this time.

Deborah Quirke Psychic Holistic Kinesiology

Online Kinesiology sessions from esteemed Kinesiologist Deborah Quirke.


Action for Happiness Australia


FREE resources from some of the worlds best experts in mindfulness and happiness and wellbeing. You can download printable resources for the whole family.

The Mind Room

Run by Dr Jo Mitchell, a clinical & coaching psychologist who works with people to achieve valued life goals, find meaning and live well. She works with professionals experiencing mental illness, burnout, or significant stress.

The Mind Room is offering a FREE weekly 10-minute Community Wellbeing Sessions on Instagram Live. Join us at 12.30pm each weekday to hear from our team as they share evidenced-based wellbeing and mindfulness content, including positive psychology tips and practical activities.

Katie Parker – Pregnancy, Postnatal and Parenting Support

Katie is a Doula with significant years experience as a social worker. She is offering free parenting classes online through her Facebook.

Bring The Sass Online Meditation

Thursday at 6.30pm, plus setting up online classes There are free classes coming up at

The Yoga Stylist

Offering free online meditation classes and some yoga classes.

Eleventh Element Kinesiology

FREE postings of Meridian balances on FB live and tips to help ease the energies through this time. 

FREE Kids Programs & Services

Cosmic Kids Yoga

Offers free online sessions of kids yoga.