How do you get that?

Some people think it is by finding the cheapest deal in town, others think it is when the winner takes all (as long as they are the winner).
At MELCA, we think it is when you manage to separate with your integrity intact, when you have been listened to, when you are left with a sense of balance and fairness, when you are confident that your children are happy, when you have been able to reduce your burden of anger, blame, shame, guilt and fear about your future.
We know that these things are of much greater value than a bargain basement price. The way we know this is because it is what our clients have been telling us for years. We also know that a traditional approach of two lawyers arguing in court, or in their offices, is rarely the best way to divorce. To achieve real resolution and at least the beginnings of healing and recovery…………….that is real value.
A MELCA divorce is about a team of professionals—psychologists, financial planners and lawyers—working seamlessly together to support and guide couples through divorce and separation. Our goal is to recognise and deliver on the value of emotionally healthy people, in emotionally healthy relationships with the ‘other parent’ or their ‘ex’, after they have ended their marriage or relationship.
At MELCA we don’t talk the language of war—of winners and losers, of strategy and tactics, of attack and counter-attack, of fights and skirmishes. We leave that for the litigators.
At MELCA, we talk the language of fair fixed pricing, of optimism, acceptance, support, knowledge, planning, well being, sharing, financial reality, care, compassion, compromise—collaboration. And our clients are grateful. One of the questions we are most often asked is ‘Why don’t more people know about MELCA?’And we think that s a really good question.